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We offer many levels of service for our customers when placing orders, technical issues and gameplay issues. To get the best help possible please read below about our services and what best fits your case. We update the sections regularly with relevant information from our support team.

If you placed an order with us or want to know any information on it this section for you. Go to the Ordering section.

Technical Issues
Sometimes everyone needs some help. Our technical support section is the place to get help for your OS or PC issue. Go to the Technical support section.

Gameplay Issues
If you have problems getting the males and females to interact:
The idea is to walk to the females in the "altered" wagons. The female will stand up and an action bar with icons pops up that allows you to select a position. From there you can use the left ctrl key to control the movements.

The males and females with gasmask on are decor.

If you cannot see the menubar with the positions, you may have to change the resolution of the game to one fitting your monitor. The game resoltion can be changed in the settings menu.

If you cannot find an answer for your question or problem using one of the sections above, please click here to contact Artmunk Support directly. Please include your order number and a detailed description of your question or problem. We encourage you to check the support sections before contacting us, as most answers are already provided through one of those sections.

Contact Artmunk Support directly here!

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